The downside of erratic weather is having more trouble figuring out what to wear.

What's on your dashboard tells me what you are.


"The older we get, we laugh more at little things, and sadly, shed a tear quickly for bigger things."

"Inside looking out is easier than inside looking in."

"Life is a rat race? They should've said life is an F1 race. It sounds less depressing."

"Every hardened man has a spot that can be softened."

They call it night life. No one calls the day part day life. Because life begins after work."


"The more I age, the more I understand the ones who were born ahead of me."

"Enjoying good food doesn't make you a bad person. It makes you look bad later, though."

"Bad hair day = bad picture."

"I never realized I was brown until white came along."

"Putting my best foot forward is a step backward from being true to myself."

"Height is relative."

"Nobody is more creative than the Creator Himself."

"Only I and my Creator knows me well."


"A kiddie party is like a wedding reception. Once you've attended one, it will always be the same the next time around."

"A mother is willing to eat less, so that her child can eat more."

"Want to know how it feels to be unconditionally loved? Have a dog."

"Want to know how it feels to love unconditionally? Have a kid, be a parent."


"You will only know if a friend is for real when you're no longer working in the same office."

"I miss the days when people design for fun rather than for function."

"Kids don't play games the way adults do. Kids do them for fun. Adults do them to get even."


"Creativity can also be the ability to connect what others thought were not connected at all."

"If you're in a meeting because you need to think of more creative solutions, don't use the generic/rectangular/long-table boardroom set-up."

"If we charge every minute we spend coming up with an idea, our overtime pay will be much higher than our fixed salary."

" I get bored so easily that I cannot even meditate for more than 10 minutes."

"If you can look at each other straight in the eye, then your relationship's going smoothly."

"We Filipinos have all the time in the world when it comes to being with friends or relatives. Yes, even though how hectic our day and night might have been."

"Why do Filipinos eat more than thrice a day? We always use food as an excuse be together often, every single day."

"You get a better view when you're taller."

"Simpler goals = happier life."


"Fear is usually an exaggeration of an unforeseen reality. It will turn out always to be not as bad as how you thought it was."

"The taller you are, the higher the leap."

"One of childhood's joys is climbing a coconut tree."

"The next best thing your feet will feel aside from an authentic Thai foot massage is Boracay's powdery white sand."

"If coffee is to cigarettes, then sailing is to sunset. Perfect combinations."

"In Manila's streets, everyone defies traffic rules, yes, and even steel fences."

"A bartender is a selective listener. He listens more when you're a big tipper."

"This is not a wireless nation."

"If you've become a master who's highly succesful in one field, stay there. It is your vocation."

"One of the most peaceful sights to see is a kid in slumber."

"Human habits killed our rivers. Global warming will dry them up."


"Thou shalt not disrupt thy body clock. Thou shalt not use an alarm clock!"

"Thailand is so much like Manila. So the only thing I missed there is its heavenly cuisine. Manila's edge, though, is that everyone can speak English when the situation calls for it."

"Why is it harder to find the toilet when you need it most, ASAP!"

"If I owned an airline, I'll provide beds even when you're flying Economy."

"For a relationship to last, agree to look at one direction."

"There's more water than melon to a watermelon."

"Massage is a most welcome service that's been handed down from generation to generation."